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Increase performance, reduce energy costs, maintain warranty & keep your home healthier

Protect your investment with Air Con Services experienced service technicians. A heat pump can provide efficient heating to a home, but to keep it running effectively it must be properly maintained and cleaned. If neglected it will wear out faster and cost more to operate.


Air Con Services

offer a full domestic heat pump service and clean for $120.00 for the first heat pump and $110.00 for any subsequent heat pumps on the same site including GST - this service is more than just cleaning the filters as other companies may offer.

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Why should I get a heat pump serviced?

Heat Pump Service Details

Our service for Hi Wall heat pumps includes the following:

Indoor Unit:
  • Remove filters, wash with specialised filter cleaner and rinse.
  • Clean the coil with purpose coil degreaser to lift any buildup of dirt/oil etc.
  • Test and clean the drain line/condensate pump
  • Check electrical connections and operation
  • Ensure operation of the heat pump and satisfactory air off temperatures
  • Dust and clean entire indoor unit
Outdoor Unit:
  • Degrease coil
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check fan motor/bearings
  • Rinse entire unit & Check for rust/damage
  • Ensure installation is safe and meets standards/regulations
  • Recommend any repairs that may be needed

Should there be something wrong with your heat pump we are Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric and Panasonic accredited repair agents, and can confidently service other brands as well.

Air Con Services also offers extensive commercial servicing.

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