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Inverter vs Standard

  • Inverter outdoor unit compressors, vary speed output to match the kilowatt (heating or cooling) requirements of the indoor unit.
  • Inverter models turn off once the room has met the desired temperature. The heat will move through to adjoining rooms and the unit will restart and heat the area again. this cuts down power consumption substancially.
  • Inverters are approximately 30% more efficient than older fixed speed models

Experienced Advice

It is important to receive experienced information on the Size and Model of your heat pump. A unit that is too small will run constantly and will not heat or cool the room adequately. The undersized unit will be overworked and constantly stop running to defrost, and eventually fail.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Air Conditioning is simply a process of changing and transferring the temperature of the air inside a room to a desired level set by the controls.

What makes a heat pump so efficient is the way it operates. It does not use electricity to heat, but extracts 'free' heat from the outside air and transfers it inside your home. During the summer months this operations is reversed and the heat within your home is pumped outside using the internal gas exchange system.

Home heat pumps are compact sealed systems similar to a refrigerator - but unlike your fridge, they can both heat, cool and dehumidify.

The warm air that rises from the back of your fridge is coming from the inside. The internal evaporator coil extracts warmth from food in side and transfers it to the condensing coil on the back.

Heat pumps work much the same way to linked coils, one inside your home, one outside, circulate a refrigerant that draws warmth from the outside air and transfers it into your home. Best of all, at a flick of a switch your heat pump can work in reverse, acting as an air conditioner to pump heat out of your home and keep it refreshingly cool in summer.


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